hey folks, for those of you who’re keeping up with the comic, I owe you an apology.

For starters, not only was my Kickstarter for Volume 1 a complete success (books have all arrived and posted out to their respective owners) but I totally forgot to post about it here – I’m not used to blogging and I really gotta get into the swing of it, so I’ll try and remember.

second off, I never post my instagram stuff here – I’m currently doing Inktober with all SB related pics, so if you fancy checkin any of that out then search for fabledreptilian on insta and check it out.

it’s not like I’m not appreciative of my audience – It’s just that I am a forgetful mook who perpetually lets things slip his mind.

I’ve got some plans for future updates to Silverback and expanding his universe a little, so please, stay tuned


oh, PS – regarding print copies of Silverback, I’ll see about getting a method of securing your own copy onto the site – that aside, any sort of Con in Aberdeen will likely be the only way to grabĀ  ’em for the foreseeable future!

anywho, thanks for readin’, and hope you’re all still enjoying the comic – there are big things comin’!